This winter, don’t get left out in the cold. Maintaining your furnace after the furnace installation is done will save you money and keep you warm! Follow this guide to the best practices for keeping your furnace up and running during the winter months:

  • Replace your Filters. During the winter, make sure you are replacing your furnace filter every month. Make sure you are using the correct filter. There are even hypo-allergenic furnace filters which will help filter dust and other air pollutants from your home.
  • Get it Checked. Every year, call a furnace maintenance professional in to check the efficiency of your furnace. They will make sure it is running correctly and that there are no problems.
  • A professional like local heat pump installers can tell you how much fuel you’re using each winter to heat your home. They can also check that your thermostat is working correctly.
  • If you find that your home no longer feels as warm as it once did, it could simply be that your thermostat is broken and it’s time for a heating replacement.
  • Have it Cleaned. A professional can also tell you if the system needs to be cleaned. If they find that your furnace is dirty, they will clean the combustion area, making it safer and more efficient. You can find more info here.

If you check your furnace yourself, make sure you turn it off first. The power and the breaker should be off before you do any maintenance. And always check for leaks first, as a gas leak can be very dangerous. If you find a leak, call in a professional to fix the problem.

It is not expensive to maintain your furnace, and you’ll save money down the road if you do. Play it safe, though. If you experience any problems with your furnace, make sure to call in the experts for your furnace repair or if you want having a new furnace installation. You can visit sites like or to hire a professional.