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HVAC Basics

Your AC unit works to cool, circulate, and dehumidify indoor air. Efficiency through all of these processes is the key to great performance and lower energy costs. Never delay an air conditioning repair to get the most out of your ac unit.

How your central air conditioning system works.

How does my furnace work?

During the cold seasons, your furnace acts as the core component that keeps your home warm. Just as with your A/C unit, you want to consider which type and model of heating system will be most effective for your home. If you notice an unusual noise coming from your heating or cooling system, call an HVAC repair contractor in Spring to have it checked immediately.

What role does my thermostat play in the heating & cooling process?

Your thermostat is the control center for the temperature of your home’s air. It detects if room temperature gets too cold or too warm and cues your HVAC system to come on or turn off.  Your JH Martin team will recommend optimal placement for your thermostat so that it can accurately track and maintain your heating and cooling levels.

Ever consider a programmable thermostat? You can program different temperatures for bedtime, when you’re at work and on vacation. This will help you not waste energy running your system when you aren’t home and lead to a lower energy bill. Our technicians can recommend an affordable, programmable thermostat that is user-friendly and suitable for your system, look at this site and get more details.