The weather is starting to cool off, and before we know it winter will arrive. The team at J.H. Martin Mechanical wants to make sure that your furnace is ready for cold weather, we want to make sure you take care of your furnace repair before  winter comes.Check out three reasons why you should take advantage of our furnace tune-up special:

Reduce Breakdowns

saving money with a furnace tune-upAnnual commercial hvac inspections are key to preventing costly breakdowns. Your technician will be able to catch any minor issues that may lead to a furnace repair in the future. An untrained eye won’t be able to notice small glitches in your furnace, so hiring a furnace maintenance professional is necessary to catch an issue before it becomes a major problem.

Increase Efficiency

When a heating repairs technician inspects your furnace, he may also clean the heat exchanger and burner. When these two furnace parts are clean, it allows your furnace to run at full efficiency. Since it costs money to run your furnace, it’s important to improve its efficiency so you’re not paying extra for your furnace to work in overdrive. Visit sites like for additional guidance on heating systems. HVAC technicians may also provide a heat pump service to further enhance the functionality of your hvac system.

Ensure Safety

Many furnaces use fuel such as propane to produce heat. Unfortunately, gas leaks and dangerous carbon monoxide levels sometimes occur if furnace maintenance isn’t up-to-date. These can be huge threats to your health. However, annual furnace inspections will catch a small gas leak or hazardous carbon monoxide levels before they turn into dangerous problems.