Fall temperatures arrived suddenly, didn’t they? It seems like just last week we were sweating through a warm October, and now all of a sudden it’s cold! As the winter progresses, remember that your thermostat isn’t the only way to keep your home warm. Check out these ways to keep your home warm and comfy this winter from J. H. Martin Mechanical:

staying toasty in the winter

Adjust Your Curtains. Open the curtains during the day to let sunlight in through the windows. Not only will this cut down on your indoor lighting needs and keep your home warmer, but getting a little sunlight during the day can help combat Seasonal Affective Disorder. Close them after the sun goes down to create another layer of insulation and keep heat from escaping through the glass.
Check Your Thermostat. Setting your thermostat on a timer will keep your home comfortable when you need it most–when you’re actually home! Check to make sure the vents are clear of furniture, boxes, etc. that could block heat.
Adjust Your Environment. As has been the cry of parents through the ages, “Put on a sweater!” Comfy clothes like sweaters, sweatshirts, and bathrobes will help keep you cozy without breaking the bank. Always wear socks. If you have hardwoods or linoleum floors, add area rugs to keep your feet warm in the mornings!
If you find your furnace just can’t keep up anymore, call the experts at J. H. Martin Mechanical for friendly, professional heating service to keep you and your family toasty this winter.