staying cool in the summer with a ductless air conditioning systemMore people are opting for ductless air conditioning systems to replace their older air conditioning units, getting a new AC Install. The increase in popularity is for good reason. Having this kind of ac installation saves you money while providing you with cool relief. It is also one of the best  AC options to be part of your business’ commercial hvac system. No matter the type of ac unit you have at home, make sure that it gets regular ac repair and tune-ups to maintain its efficiency.

How It Works

ductless air conditioning system is a split unit with one part of the system located on the outside of the house and the other part on the inside. During air conditioning installation, a three-inch hole is cut into the outside wall so a refrigerant line can be run to the indoor unit. This line replaces traditional ductwork. If your unit is not working properly, then try Control Techs NW and hire a professional to check it.

Once installed, the indoor unit will retrieve warm air from the room and blow it over cold evaporator coils. The outside unit is responsible for releasing the heat gathered from the warm air in the room that the indoor unit collected. Essentially, the process is: warm air in, cold air out.

Ductless A/C System Benefits

There are many benefits to a ductless A/C system. Consider these four:

  1. They are easy to maintain. The ductless air conditioning system offers multi-stage filtration that reduces frustrating particles in the air such as dust, bacteria, pollen, and unforeseen allergens.
  2. This system boasts updated and innovative technology. This system does not require ductwork, which in turn provides more efficiency. Because they are different than your standard air conditioning unit, a different type of installation is required. Contact your air conditioning contractor now to discuss getting a ductless AC unit.
  3. A ductless air conditioning system saves you money. If your A/C unit is functioning at low capacity, it is working in overdrive to cool your home. If this is happening, you’re spending more money than you should. According to experts like Nance Services, an updated A/C unit can fix this issue. Contractors like Air conditioning installation Doctor Philips can help you with that.
  4. You can control the temperature of your home more effectively. The ductless A/C system allows you to cool certain rooms to a specific temperature. No more wasting money with cooling rooms that you don’t use! Visit and see if they can install one in your area.