Spring has started warming up, giving us a preview of the oppressive summer heat that’s about to descend. Between the heat and the humidity, no Loganville homeowner would survive without a fully functional and maintained air conditioner for summer. But if your air conditioner is out and need a pinch hitter, what are your options?

Pros and Cons of a Portable A/C

If you’re looking for an immediate, low-cost solution, an air conditioning installation just like a portable A/C unit is an attractive home cooling option. But is it the right one for you?

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    Pro: No installation required. Just plug it in and enjoy relief from the heat. This are the Quick Tips for Installing HVAC.

  • Con: Portable A/C’s lack the power to cool large rooms, and they can only cool one room at a time.
  • Pro: They’re mobile, so you can move them to where they’re needed most.
  • Con: You may scratch up your floors (or strain your back) moving a portable unit from one room to another. The more powerful the A/C, the more cumbersome and difficult to move.
  • Pro: Some units can dehumidify as well as move cool air throughout the house.
  • Con:  Many portable air conditioners vent warm air back into the room along with cold air, so they’re less effective at cooling a room than a central or split system.
  • Pro: They’re cost-effective as a short term solution.
  • Con: They cost more relative to their size and efficiency than a central or split A/C system.
  • Pro: They’re easy to switch off, so you don’t waste energy cooling the house when you’re not home.
  • Con: They require a significant amount of energy to run.

For most homeowners, portable air conditioners aren’t a lasting solution. Call experts such as Affordable Air Solutions to troubleshoot a broken air conditioner or install a new home cooling system.