Even though fall is here, it’s still pretty warm during the day, and the last thing you want to see is a frozen air conditioner. Besides making it impossible to cool your home, it can be a costly repair, in some cases there is no other solution but to get a new air conditioning installation! Let’s look at the reasons your air conditioner freezes, and how to prevent this happening.

preventing air conditioner from freezingThe most common cause of a frozen air conditioner is restricted airflow. This is usually the result of filter problems. If the air filter is old, dirty, or otherwise needs replacing, you’re not doing the unit any favors. Remember, you should change your filters at least every 90 days. If you have pets, allergies, or hobbies that produce a lot of dust, the frequency increases. Always make sure you’re using the correct filter for your unit.

If your filter isn’t the issue, the problem is probably low refrigerant levels. This is where things get more serious. Refrigerant is what makes your air conditioning cold–if there isn’t enough of it, it will over-expand to try to compensate, and the coil will eventually freeze. The compressor can also overheat from insufficient cooling, which is bad news. If low refrigerant is the problem, a qualified technician will need to inspect your air conditioning unit to see if it’s because the charge is off, or you have a leak.

Get an Airflow Inspection

Obstructed airflow is a major reason heating and cooling systems malfunction or function inefficiently. Similar to a clogged filter, blocked vent returns and registers prevent adequate airflow. If you see that your AC unit is not working properly get an inspection, HVAC professionals will determine if you need to get an air conditioning repair service.